The Top 5 Attractions in Boston

There are plenty of cool attractions for anyone looking to explore the sights and sounds of Boston.  Source: Boston Red Sox via Facebook

Our apartments near Boston give you easy access to the city and all that it has to see and do. Here's a look at some of the top Boston attractions to enjoy on a coming weekend. Faneuil Hall Marketplace offers a mixture of chain shops as well as locally owned treasures. Do some shopping, and then grab a bite to eat at this historic marketplace. Fenway … [Read more...]

Great Upscale Decorating Websites To Use in Your Wilmington Home

Here are some helpful websites for anyone looking to spruce up their Wilmington apartment.

Not everyone has a good eye for decorating. What may look great on the professionally done display at big box stores can look downright hideous when you try to do it in your own space. To help take the guess work out of creating a décor that suits you, try these upscale decorating websites. Zara Home - A well organized website with all the bedding, … [Read more...]

An Amazing Scavenger Hunt Awaits You in Boston

The Urban Adventure Quest is a fun scavenger hunt. Source: Urban Adventure Quest via Facebook

One advantage of smart phone technology is it allows new twists on old games. The folks at Urban Adventure Quest have taken the old Scavenger Hunt and tweaked it so it’s part quest, part tour and part trivia game. And you can join in and see Boston in a more interactive way! Starting at the Boston Visitor Information Center at 139 Tremont Street, you … [Read more...]

Great Food Is as Good as It Gets at This Wilmington Cafe

As Good as It Gets Cafe boasts some of the tastiest breakfast and lunch found around Wilmington.  Source: As Good As It Gets Cafe via Facebook

When you're craving a delicious breakfast or lunch in a comfortable environment, there's no better place than As Good as It Gets Cafe. The name is no lie -- this cafe has received rave reviews and high ratings from customer after customer, and you can be the next. The menu at As Good as it Gets Cafe includes breakfast and lunch options. For breakfast, a … [Read more...]

Fun Tricks To Teach Your Furry Friend

A recent article on shows you how to teach your dog these fun tricks. Source: Pixabay

How many tricks does your dog know? It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. A recent article on shows you how to teach your dog these fun tricks, some of which are: High five: Your dog is taught to tap your hand with his paw in a high-five motion. Army crawling: Your do crouches and crawls low to the ground. Dancing: … [Read more...]

Catch the 2015 Summer Party Cruise in Boston Before It Ends

Summer Party Booze Cruise

You've got only one month of summer left, so make the most of it by joining the 2015 Summer Party Cruise Series with Bay State Cruise Company. With three floors of pure entertainment from live bands and DJs plus an open top deck for dancing under the night sky, the Summer Party Cruise is easily one of the best cruises in the city. And given its starting … [Read more...]

The Wilmington Memorial Library Boasts Books, Movies, and More

The Wilmington Memorial Library is a fantastic resource for fun and fascination!  Source: Wilmington Memorial Library via Facebook

A lot of people predicted the age of the computer and eReader would doom the printed page and the venerable public library with it. Yet these dire predictions have not come to pass. Indeed public libraries across the nation have seen resurgence and this is true at the nearby Wilmington Memorial Library! The days when libraries were just books, microfiche … [Read more...]

Relax and Unwind with a Trip to the Platinum Door Salon and Day Spa

The Platinum Door Salon and Day Spa is a great resource for anyone looking to give their hair the royal treatment.  Source: Platinum Door Salon and Day Spa via Facebook

Make the most out of your weekends this season by treating yourself to some much-deserved pampering. A good place to start is at the Platinum Door Salon and Day Spa, which is conveniently located only 2.5 miles away from our residential community, Regency Place. The Platinum offers lots of salon and spa services such as facials, chemical peels, … [Read more...]

Stay Hydrated and Healthy Throughout the Summer

Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated despite the summer heat.  Source: Pixabay

You probably enjoy the hot summer months. They give you a chance to get outside and enjoy the weather and all the fun near our apartment community. You have to be careful during the hot summer months. The weather can cause you to become dehydrated. Use the following tips to help you stay hydrated this summer. Drink plenty of water. Be consistent with … [Read more...]

Cool Off with a Frosty Treat from Giovanna

Giovanna boasts some of the tastiest gelato found around Wilmington.  Source: Giovanna Gelato via Facebook

Italian treats are some of the best in the world. When it comes to creating the finest summertime treats known to man, Giovanna has done a commendable job of bringing traditional Italian gelato and sorbet to American shores. Giovanna takes the finest ingredients and old-world recipes to life in every bowl they scoop. Not content to rest simply on the … [Read more...]