Create an Outdoor Retreat on Your Balcony


Now that the weather is warming up, we expect to see more of our residents outside enjoying their balconies. Some of our residents spend so much time outside on their balconies that they create their own, unique "home outside of home," which is exactly what it is! It doesn't take a lot to create a comfy outdoor retreat. Perhaps these decorating tips will … [Read more...]

Shop for Great Deals at the Burlington Mall

Find everything you need at Burlington Mall | Source Pixabay

Upon moving into your new apartment at Regency Place, you might find that you have one major problem. With amenities like an on-site fitness center, swimming pool, and full-sized washer and dryer in every apartment, it's probably hard to imagine what else you might need, right? Well, you just might find that you'll need some new clothes to fill up some space … [Read more...]

Enjoy Tasty and Healthy Food at Clover

Clover brings a whole new meaning to fast food | Source

What are the first three things that come to mind when you see or hear the words "fast food"? For many, the words "fried," "fattening," and "processed" often come to mind. Unless, however, you've had the opportunity to experience Clover, where fast food has taken on a brand-new meaning. The average order at Clover takes approximately 3 1/2 minutes to … [Read more...]

The Past Comes Alive at Wilmington Town Museum

Learn about the history of this great city at Wilmington Town Museum | Source Wilmington MA website

With world-class amenities like walk-in closets and bay windows, a cafe area with wifi access, swimming pool, fitness center and much more, Regency Place apartments is the epitome of 21st century living. However, did you know that you only have to travel a few short miles from home to the Wilmington Town Museum to take a trip back in time as early as … [Read more...]

Are You Making These Treadmill Mistakes?

Here are some treadmill tips to help you make your most of your time on the treadmills at our fitness center.  Source: Flickr

One of the best things about our lovely Regency Place apartment community is that there is a fitness center. Keeping that in mind, there's really no reason for you to not engage in everyday physical activity as the fitness center makes exercise at Regency Place easy. If the treadmill is a favorite exercise machine for you, you should know to avoid these … [Read more...]

Heel! Keep Your Dog In Line When Walking With These Tips

Here are some helpful tips for all the dog-owners here at your pet-friendly Wilmington apartments.  Source: morgueFile

Without a doubt, both you and your dog will love living at our lovely Regency Place apartment community. Ours are pet-friendly apartments near Boston, a fantastic city that has so much to see and do for both humans and their canine companions. Of course, to have the best time while you're both out, you will want to keep your pooch in line with some helpful … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Revitalize Your Wilmington Apartment

Here are some interior decor tips to help you instill some vitality into your Wilmington apartment.  Source: BHG

The spring is now just a week away, which means that you might want to incorporate a taste of it in your home at our lovely Regency Place apartment community. After all, what better way is there to welcome what is considered many people's favorite season of the year? You can make your place very spring like with a few apartment decor tips that are sure to … [Read more...]

Relieve Your Stress at Vitality Wellness Spa

Vitality Wellness Spa is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to relax and "unwind" in Wilmington. Source: Facebook

Relaxing at home in your apartment in Wilmington at our lovely Regency Place apartment community might be nice, but there is more you can do for relaxation. You might want to check out some of the top spas in the area, where you can not only unwind and forget your troubles of the day, but you can also get a few great beauty treatments if you wish. The best … [Read more...]

Grab a Delicious Breakfast From Sunrise Kitchen

Sunrise Kitchen boasts some of the tastiest breakfast and brunch found around your Wilmington apartments.  Source: Facebook

Of course, the old saying is true about breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and the perfect way to get your day started off right. However, if you don't have time to eat at home at our lovely Regency Place apartment community, you can still grab a hearty and delicious breakfast in Wilmington. One of the best spots in town for breakfast is the … [Read more...]

Get Ready for the Town Community Egg Hunt!

Your kids will have a blast at the Community Egg Hunt on April 4th.  Source: morgueFile

When you live at our lovely Regency Place apartment community, you will find there is no shortage of things to do in Wilmington. With the spring coming up quickly, notable holidays along with it, you will have access to plenty of community activities. Notably, there is an Community Egg Hunt that will be taking place in the area. The Wilmington … [Read more...]