Maintain a Strong Core with These Simple Exercises

Here are some exercise tips to help you strengthen your core here at your Wilmington apartments.  Source: Pixabay

When you have a strong core, you get to be sexy on the outside and tough on the inside. The core is made up of different muscle groups: rectus abdominus (from the sternum to the pelvis bone), obliques (sides of the waist), intercostals (between the side of the ribcage), and serratus (between the lats and front abs). A rep range of 8-15 reps a set is ideal. … [Read more...]

Here’s Some Toys to Keep That Pup Playing

This summer, treat your pooch to any of these terrific dog toys.  Source: Pixabay

You and your puppy will love the spacious floor plans that give you plenty of room to play around at our Regency Place apartments. However, you can't always be there to entertain your dog, and a bored pup tends to get into mischief. Keep your energetic pup entertained with these popular dog toys: Bob-a-Lot: This toy is weighted at the bottom so it … [Read more...]

Lester’s Roadside BBQ Offers a True Southern Barbecue Experience

Lester's Roadside BBQ boasts some of the tastiest barbecue and Southern cuisine found near your Wilmington apartments.  Source: Facebook

There's just something about the mere mention of barbecue that evokes an instant mouth-watering reaction. Surely you know what we're talking about, since it's probably happening as you read these very words, right? While there are many restaurants in Boston offering barbecue on their menu, very few offer an authentic southern barbecue experience like … [Read more...]

Summer Is the Best Time to Work on Your Fitness Goals with Roots Yoga

Roots Yoga is a terrific fitness and wellness resource for everyone around Wilmington.  Source: Facebook

Did you pack on the pounds over the long winter? If you're answer was "yes," never fear. Yoga is a fantastic way to ease the stress that accompanies long, cold winters while also allowing you the opportunity to lose some of that winter weight. Roots Yoga is one of the yoga studios in Wilmington located just minutes away from your home at Regency Place. … [Read more...]

You’ve Got to Try These Great Summer Recipes

Here are some superb recipes for anyone looking to savor the flavors of summer here at your Wilmington apartments.   Source:

Summer calls for dishes that come together quickly, use fresh ingredients, and are packed with refreshing flavors. These summer recipe ideas will give you a perfect starting point for creating seasonal, satisfying eats at home. Rib-eye Steaks with Pistachio Butter Served with a side of fresh asparagus, these steaks are loaded with flavor from the … [Read more...]

Local Talent Blossoms at the Quannapowitt Players Theater

The Quannapowitt Players Theatre, Wilmington's center for stage theater, will be holding auditions on June 7th and 9th.   Source: Facebook

Were you aware that our community is packed with loads of amazing local talent? If not, we encourage you to take the opportunity to visit the Quannapowitt Players Theatre, where you can watch talented members of our community showcase their outstanding skills. While other theaters in Wilmington can provide you with hours of entertainment, the Quannapowitt … [Read more...]

Get Into the Flavors of the Season at Red Heat Tavern in Wilmington

The Red Heat Tavern boasts an array of tasty cuisine that you're sure to love.  Source: Facebook

They say if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. One might say that about the menu at the Red Heat Tavern! Focused on bringing spice to the table, Chef Alan Frati (the “red sauce guy”) has developed a menu which lovers of heat will enjoy. Located at 300 Lowell Street in Wilmington, the Red Heat Tavern is only a 10 minute walk away form … [Read more...]

Find Fun and Fitness at the Altitude Trampoline Park

The Altitude Trampoline Park offers a fun way to get a workout here in Wilmington.   Source: Facebook

Every activity, from sports to something as innocuous as cooking, carries risk. Yet as a parent, minimizing danger to your kids (and yourself) comes with the job. A way to have your fun and keep it safe at the same time can found at Altitude Trampoline Park at 700 Boston Road in Billerica. Unlike unmonitored, backyard trampolines, the ones here are … [Read more...]

Get Wonderful Groceries at the Wilmington Farmers Market

The Wilmington Farmers Market is one of the best independent grocers found around Wilmington. Source: Facebook

There are plenty of ways to go green by recycling, using less energy and repurposing old items into new things; another way is how we go about buying our food. Most don’t think about it but food sold in the U.S. travels, on average, 1,500 miles! Each of these miles means more fossil fuels being burned. So starting June 13th, you can once again do the … [Read more...]

Hit Your 2015 Fitness Goals with Help from Healthy Changes Pilates

Healthy Changes Pilates is a terrific resource for anyone looking to get in-shape and hit their 2015 fitness goals here in Wilmington.  Source: Facebook

Make this the year you finally hit your fitness goals. Whether you're trying to lose a few pounds, look more toned, or just improve your stamina, Healthy Changes Pilates is a great place to start. Healthy Changes Pilates is an exciting Pilates studio on Main Street in Reading. Here, the instructors work with you to ensure your whole body is performing the … [Read more...]