National Vegetarian Awareness Month: Tasty Recipes

Here are some terrific restaurants that are sure to help you take advantage of National Vegetarian Month.  Source: Facebook

October offers the perfect opportunity to explore Wilmington vegetarian restaurants to celebrate National Vegetarian Awareness Month. These local spots are worth checking out any time of the year with all sorts of healthy, flavorful, plant-based plates. Ritu Ki Rasoi. Not too far away in Burlington, this inviting Indian restaurant offers savory dishes … [Read more...]

Apartment DIY: Removable Wallpaper


Looking for convenient and simple ways to enhance the interior design of your apartment home at Regency Place. Give removable wallpaper a try if you're looking for apartment decorating ideas that will allow you to quickly give one of your interiors an attractive new look. Removable wallpaper can stick to your wall without any of the mess or … [Read more...]

October is National Cookie Month!


A great traditional treat is the cookie. You, like most people, probably enjoyed this sweet treat with a tall glass of milk or a nice cold bowl of ice cream or just by themselves. You can celebrate National Cookie Month along with the Wilmington bakeries. While you have eaten the cookie many times in different flavors, you probably were unaware of … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favorite Italian Dish? It’s World Pasta Day

World Pasta Day

Are you in the mood for a little pasta? On World Pasta Day, you can prepare to experience the best of the best in pasta dishes at numerous Italian restaurants near Wilmington. The pasta noodle is the main ingredient in most Italian meals. It dates as far back as 1154 and can be found in Sicily during that time. Simple dishes are usually created from pasta. … [Read more...]

Have a Blast with Wilmington’s Halloween Events

Here are plenty of fun Halloween events going on around your Wilmington luxury apartment community.  Source: morgueFile

It’s Halloween time again, so it’s time to spook your socks off with some great events. If you are having trouble finding out if there are things to do in Wilmington for the season, our community, at Regency Place, has just the things for you to do! Among the many Haunted Happenings Events, there may be several that will fit your style of fun.  If … [Read more...]

National Candy Corn Day Is Right Around The Corner

Candy Corn

Mark your calendar! October 30 is National Candy Corn Day, and candy lovers are eager to celebrate this special occasion. Residents of our Regency Place apartments can pencil a trip to some area candy stores into their schedules to celebrate the occasion and stock up for Halloween. With a 100 year history, candy corn is a well established fall … [Read more...]

Fall Soup Recipes That You’ll Fall In Love With

Fall Soup Recipes That You'll Fall In Love With

Are you ready for the cooler Fall temperatures headed our way? Whether or not you like it, they're coming. There's no better way to warm your belly on a cool Fall or Winter day, however, than with a piping hot bowl of soup. If you agree, then you'll want to try out some of these delicious soup recipes this Fall when the temperatures drop: 1. The bold … [Read more...]

Keep These Tips In Mind To Steer Clear of the Flu Virus

Keep These Tips In Mind To Steer Clear of the Flu Virus

The season is changing and Fall is making its way to our community. With a change of seasons comes cooler temperatures, and with cooler temperatures come seasonal illnesses like the flu. These flu virus safety tips are designed to help you prepare for the illness in advance in an effort to avoid it: 1. People are lining up at doctors offices and … [Read more...]

Keep the Holiday Weight Off With These Tips

Keep the Holiday Weight Off With These Tips

As the calendar creeps towards the end of the year and we move into the Fall and Winter seasons, we're also headed towards the busy holiday season. With that said, while many people commonly seek calorie-ridden comfort foods as temperatures drop, they're also presented with a multitude of delicious, yet fattening holiday treats. While staying in shape … [Read more...]

Perk Up After Dinner With These Coffee-Infused Desserts

Perk Up After Dinner With These Coffee-Infused Desserts

We all love indulging in delicious, delectable treats after a fantastic meal. Imagine combining the deep, rich flavor of coffee with the sweetness of dessert, and you've got some of the most popular dessert recipes available. We're all about making fantastic treats at home when possible, so we've rounded up our favorite java inspired treats for you … [Read more...]