Find Fun and Fitness at the Altitude Trampoline Park

The Altitude Trampoline Park offers a fun way to get a workout here in Wilmington.   Source: Facebook

Every activity, from sports to something as innocuous as cooking, carries risk. Yet as a parent, minimizing danger to your kids (and yourself) comes with the job. A way to have your fun and keep it safe at the same time can found at Altitude Trampoline Park at 700 Boston Road in Billerica. Unlike unmonitored, backyard trampolines, the ones here are … [Read more...]

Get Wonderful Groceries at the Wilmington Farmers Market

The Wilmington Farmers Market is one of the best independent grocers found around Wilmington. Source: Facebook

There are plenty of ways to go green by recycling, using less energy and repurposing old items into new things; another way is how we go about buying our food. Most don’t think about it but food sold in the U.S. travels, on average, 1,500 miles! Each of these miles means more fossil fuels being burned. So starting June 13th, you can once again do the … [Read more...]

Hit Your 2015 Fitness Goals with Help from Healthy Changes Pilates

Healthy Changes Pilates is a terrific resource for anyone looking to get in-shape and hit their 2015 fitness goals here in Wilmington.  Source: Facebook

Make this the year you finally hit your fitness goals. Whether you're trying to lose a few pounds, look more toned, or just improve your stamina, Healthy Changes Pilates is a great place to start. Healthy Changes Pilates is an exciting Pilates studio on Main Street in Reading. Here, the instructors work with you to ensure your whole body is performing the … [Read more...]

Celebrate Your Memorial Day in Style With These Party Planning Tips

Here are some tips to help you throw an outstanding party this Memorial Day.  Source: Pixabay

Memorial Day is a great time to have a party at the Regency Place apartments, but it takes a bit of planning. With the availability of a outdoor grilling area, a BBQ means less mess in your home. Here are some tips to ensure your party goes off without a hitch: Early Guest List: Knowing how many people are coming drives almost all your party decisions. … [Read more...]

Grab a Brew From Yard House’s Extensive Beer List

The Yard House is a terrific place to get together with your friends and enjoy some tasty food and ice-cold beers.   Source: Facebook

Before you take in a Boston Red Sox game or attend a concert at Fenway Park, head to the Yard House to sample not only great food but also unique and complex beers from a variety of brewers. Happy hour begins at 3:00 p.m. Mondays through Friday with late night happy hours on Sunday through Thursday. Begin with a sampling on flavorful appetizers such as … [Read more...]

Start Rock Climbing at the Boston Rock Gym

The Boston Rock Gym is a fantastic fitness resource found near your Wilmington apartments.  Source: Facebook

Do you look for ways to stay physically fit, but find yourself getting bored of the same our workout routines or gym exercises? Or, are you simply looking for fun things to do near Wilmington where you can have a great time, whether alone or with family and/or friends? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, then you may be interested in what … [Read more...]

Create an Outdoor Retreat on Your Balcony


Now that the weather is warming up, we expect to see more of our residents outside enjoying their balconies. Some of our residents spend so much time outside on their balconies that they create their own, unique "home outside of home," which is exactly what it is! It doesn't take a lot to create a comfy outdoor retreat. Perhaps these decorating tips will … [Read more...]

Shop for Great Deals at the Burlington Mall

Find everything you need at Burlington Mall | Source Pixabay

Upon moving into your new apartment at Regency Place, you might find that you have one major problem. With amenities like an on-site fitness center, swimming pool, and full-sized washer and dryer in every apartment, it's probably hard to imagine what else you might need, right? Well, you just might find that you'll need some new clothes to fill up some space … [Read more...]

Enjoy Tasty and Healthy Food at Clover

Clover brings a whole new meaning to fast food | Source

What are the first three things that come to mind when you see or hear the words "fast food"? For many, the words "fried," "fattening," and "processed" often come to mind. Unless, however, you've had the opportunity to experience Clover, where fast food has taken on a brand-new meaning. The average order at Clover takes approximately 3 1/2 minutes to … [Read more...]

The Past Comes Alive at Wilmington Town Museum

Learn about the history of this great city at Wilmington Town Museum | Source Wilmington MA website

With world-class amenities like walk-in closets and bay windows, a cafe area with wifi access, swimming pool, fitness center and much more, Regency Place apartments is the epitome of 21st century living. However, did you know that you only have to travel a few short miles from home to the Wilmington Town Museum to take a trip back in time as early as … [Read more...]