Catch the 2015 Summer Party Cruise in Boston Before It Ends

Summer Party Booze Cruise

You've got only one month of summer left, so make the most of it by joining the 2015 Summer Party Cruise Series with Bay State Cruise Company. With three floors of pure entertainment from live bands and DJs plus an open top deck for dancing under the night sky, the Summer Party Cruise is easily one of the best cruises in the city. And given its starting … [Read more...]

The Wilmington Memorial Library Boasts Books, Movies, and More

The Wilmington Memorial Library is a fantastic resource for fun and fascination!  Source: Wilmington Memorial Library via Facebook

A lot of people predicted the age of the computer and eReader would doom the printed page and the venerable public library with it. Yet these dire predictions have not come to pass. Indeed public libraries across the nation have seen resurgence and this is true at the nearby Wilmington Memorial Library! The days when libraries were just books, microfiche … [Read more...]

Relax and Unwind with a Trip to the Platinum Door Salon and Day Spa

The Platinum Door Salon and Day Spa is a great resource for anyone looking to give their hair the royal treatment.  Source: Platinum Door Salon and Day Spa via Facebook

Make the most out of your weekends this season by treating yourself to some much-deserved pampering. A good place to start is at the Platinum Door Salon and Day Spa, which is conveniently located only 2.5 miles away from our residential community, Regency Place. The Platinum offers lots of salon and spa services such as facials, chemical peels, … [Read more...]

Stay Hydrated and Healthy Throughout the Summer

Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated despite the summer heat.  Source: Pixabay

You probably enjoy the hot summer months. They give you a chance to get outside and enjoy the weather and all the fun near our apartment community. You have to be careful during the hot summer months. The weather can cause you to become dehydrated. Use the following tips to help you stay hydrated this summer. Drink plenty of water. Be consistent with … [Read more...]

Cool Off with a Frosty Treat from Giovanna

Giovanna boasts some of the tastiest gelato found around Wilmington.  Source: Giovanna Gelato via Facebook

Italian treats are some of the best in the world. When it comes to creating the finest summertime treats known to man, Giovanna has done a commendable job of bringing traditional Italian gelato and sorbet to American shores. Giovanna takes the finest ingredients and old-world recipes to life in every bowl they scoop. Not content to rest simply on the … [Read more...]

Your Pooch Will Be Elated from a Trip to the Polka Dog Bakery

The Polka Dog Bakery is a top-notch dog food and treats bakery found around Wilmington.  Source: Polka Dog Bakery via Facebook

Pets love the best. If you have a discerning pet, then you will most certainly want to stop by the Polka Dog Bakery to see what they're serving up for your pets to munch on. Each of their hand-made treats are crafted with taste and quality in mind. Using only top-notch ingredients and custom recipes, they rise to the occasion each and every time. Their … [Read more...]

Top Veterinary Clinics and Animal Hopsitals in Wilmington

The Wilmington Veterinary Hospital, Shawsheen Animal Hospital, and InTown Veterinary Group are some of the best veterinary clinics and animal hospitals in Wilmington. Source: Wilmington Veterinary Hospital via Facebook

It's never fun to get sick, and when your pet is sick they will often look up at you with those puppy dog eyes begging you to take them to the doctor to determine what's ailing them. Here in Wilmington, the following are some of the best veterinary clinics and animal hospitals in Wilmington. Each of these are highly regarded for treating everything from … [Read more...]

Maintain a Strong Core with These Simple Exercises

Here are some exercise tips to help you strengthen your core here at your Wilmington apartments.  Source: Pixabay

When you have a strong core, you get to be sexy on the outside and tough on the inside. The core is made up of different muscle groups: rectus abdominus (from the sternum to the pelvis bone), obliques (sides of the waist), intercostals (between the side of the ribcage), and serratus (between the lats and front abs). A rep range of 8-15 reps a set is ideal. … [Read more...]

Here’s Some Toys to Keep That Pup Playing

This summer, treat your pooch to any of these terrific dog toys.  Source: Pixabay

You and your puppy will love the spacious floor plans that give you plenty of room to play around at our Regency Place apartments. However, you can't always be there to entertain your dog, and a bored pup tends to get into mischief. Keep your energetic pup entertained with these popular dog toys: Bob-a-Lot: This toy is weighted at the bottom so it … [Read more...]

Lester’s Roadside BBQ Offers a True Southern Barbecue Experience

Lester's Roadside BBQ boasts some of the tastiest barbecue and Southern cuisine found near your Wilmington apartments.  Source: Facebook

There's just something about the mere mention of barbecue that evokes an instant mouth-watering reaction. Surely you know what we're talking about, since it's probably happening as you read these very words, right? While there are many restaurants in Boston offering barbecue on their menu, very few offer an authentic southern barbecue experience like … [Read more...]